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Information About Our Therapeutic Group Homes


About OurĀ Treatment Programs

Mingus Mountain Academy operates four therapeutic group homes, two not far from the main campus and two in North Phoenix. The group homes provide a safe and nurturing environment from which a student may begin the transition back to her home community. Group home students are able to practice their newly developed social, emotional, and educational skills in the community through jobs and volunteer work. They also continue to attend classes and special weekend activities on the Mingus Campus. The group home program plays a vital role with transitioning students from the main campus. It can also serve as a stand-alone program for girls who have recently completed treatment elsewhere and need a step-down environment before returning home.

In each group home, every student is responsible to strive for personal success as well as promote the success of others. The focus at the group home level is on improving interpersonal skills while maintaining appropriate, acceptable and positive behavior.

Another large focus is learning independent living skills. Some of the skills learned are:

Meal preparation including grocery shopping and cooking

Household tasks including cleaning, laundry, small repairs, painting

Minor vehicle maintenance

Maintaining the yard, plants, and flowers

Job skills, including mock interviews for practice

Money management

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