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Information About Mingus Mountain Student Profiles


Mingus Mountain Student Profiles

Population Served at Mingus Mountain Academy

      • Young women, ages 12-18 years old

      • Primary Axis I diagnosis of conduct disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, PTSD, bipolar, depression, and dual diagnosis are typical

      • Full scale IQ above 70
      • Eating disorders diagnoses will be reviewed on an individual basis for severity and previous treatment related to eating disorder
      • Impulsive and irresponsible behaviors
      • Lacking motivation, no goals, and living for the moment
      • Denies or justifies negative behavior
      • Anger management and problems with aggression
      • Demonstrates a low degree of empathy
      • Lacks self-discipline
      • Poor coping skills
      • Substance abuse, thrill-seeking, and sexually promiscuous behaviors
      • Suicide ideations and self-abusive behaviors
      • Gang affiliations
      • Poor decision-making skills
      • Family problems-emotional damage by divorce, abuse, stepfamily situations
      • School problems
      • Running away

Mingus Mountain Academy does not accept fire setters, pregnant girls, extremely physically violent youth, insulin dependent diabetics, and students with active psychotic features.

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