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Information About Our Chemical Dependency

About Our Chemical Dependency

Substance Abuse Treatment:  Mingus Mountain Academy (MMA) is proud to offer our residents a holistic, multi-dimensional substance abuse treatment program.  We feel that our interventions are specific to the needs of our adolescents.  We recognize the unique nature of each teen’s experience, and we are able to individualize our program to accommodate differences in critical issues like a teen’s developmental level, family strengths, culture, and co-existing disorders. MMA believes that in order for our students to make progress in treatment, they must be engaged in the process to the place of self-ownership and accountability. MMA’s peer-run culture encourages such ownership. Each student is supported and held responsible for her behaviors by her peers as well as by the staff.

Chemical Dependency Classes:  These classes are a component of the school curriculum which each student attends each day during school.  The class is based on the Living In Balance program, which is designed as a practical instructional system for conducting treatment sessions for persons who abuse or are addicted to alcohol and other drugs.  The Living In Balance program uses sets of interactive student worksheets, through which students read and learn information and engage in a variety of exercises designed to reinforce the learning.

Chemical Dependency Group:  Therapist-facilitated groups are held three times weekly, with an emphasis on the bio-psycho-social aspects of addiction.  This includes a fundamental understanding of family roles, dynamics, childhood developmental stages, and the basic effects of drugs and alcohol on human biology. The goal is to illustrate, then identify specific cause and effect of substance abuse on each student’s life.  The therapeutic modalities are role-play, discussion, guided imagery, videos and assignments specific to drug and alcohol abuse and what the use is addressing/covering.  The length of this treatment component is 12 weeks.  By completion, the student has written a relapse prevention plan, a crisis management plan, and has been introduced to the 12-step model of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous.  Students are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings upon discharge, get a sponsor, and work the steps.  Additionally, each student completes a posttest to evaluate each 12-week module for quality assurance.

A Woman’s Way through the Twelve Steps: This compilation of women’s voices and wisdom illuminates the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. A Woman’s Way explores such fundamental topics as spirituality, powerlessness, and the emergence of a women’s sense of the feminine soul. It maintains the underlying spiritual truths of the Twelve Steps program while overcoming the traditional male orientation of A.A.

Community Based 12-Step Meetings:  Students begin this proactive measure while at Mingus Mountain Academy.  Participating in these meetings assists the student in familiarizing themselves with the 12-steps, sponsorship, and the fellowship & support of others in recovery.

Individual Therapy:  Therapy sessions address the personal needs of each student regarding their substance abuse.  These sessions provide specific support and education to identify and validate feelings, and use role-playing to make immediate how to identify and cope effectively with triggers and cravings.  An additional focus is the development of healthy coping and problem-solving skills, including drug and alcohol-free leisure and recreational activities.  The development of an individualized relapse prevention plan, including a safety plan, is completed prior to discharge.

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